50 strategies to feel alive on an everyday basis

I just came back from a small island in the North Sea of Germany, where I spend a few days with some good friends.

Yesterday we went surfing in the cold water. Just for an hour.

It took us some effort to overcome our laziness to actually do it, but once we did, we were excitedly screaming and laughing.

The rest of the day, we were the happiest people the world has ever seen. Why?

Because we felt alive.

Do you remember the last time you did something out of your ordinary everyday life?

How did you feel?

Usually, when we do something different, we feel excited. Especially if we are scared to do it.

When you jump into the water from cliffs 12 feet high, you feel great afterwards.

But why is it that we feel great when doing something different?

When we get excited our adrenaline increases, which in return gives us more energy and let’s us think faster.

Experiencing something new stimulates our brain, we feel awesome.

In our everyday life we hardly get to do something new though. We easily fall into worn out patterns. Do the same thing every single day. Take the same way to work, eat at the same place for lunch, go to the same bar.

What we are missing out in such a routine is the adrenaline, the excitement. We miss out on feeling alive.

The adrenaline and the excitement make us feel alive.

If we successfully and constantly avoid that feeling we become numb.

And that numbness every so often results in an excess.

Like getting wasted, leaving head over heals to do something crazy, eating excessively until you don’t feel anything.

It’s like a balloon that pumps up with unfulfilled aliveness and at one point it explodes.

Here are fifty simple strategies of what you can do to feel more alive

  1. Take a different turn on your way to work
  2. Take a cold shower in the morning (at least for a few seconds after your shower)
  3. Take your time and smell your fresh fruits and vegetables before you eat them
  4. Take a sprint – no matter where you are. Just for a few seconds
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Bake a cake for a homeless person
  7. Take three deep breath
  8. Walk barefoot
  9. Travel slow
  10. Hug a tree
  11. Go swimming in really cold water
  12. Smell a flower
  13. Drink a cup of really spicy ginger tea
  14. Learn a new skill
  15. Read about something you don’t know anything about, like statistics or astrology
  16. Sing out as loud as you can to your favourite song
  17. Surprise somebody
  18. Do some Comfort Zone Challenges
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Go inline skating
  21. Grow your own vegetables, herbs, and fruits (if you can)
  22. Walk instead of biking and enjoy the time
  23. Take your bike instead of your car
  24. Eat something you have never eaten before
  25. Climb a tree
  26. Dance by yourself
  27. Go out until sun rise
  28. Exercise
  29. Invite people over for dinner and do your best cooking
  30. Meditate
  31. Don’t eat for a day
  32. When you are alone at home – scream as loud as you can
  33. Sleep naked
  34. Whenever a person annoys you imagine him or her talking with a lisp
  35. Watch a bird for 1 minute and 37 seconds
  36. Cuddle with a dog
  37. Shave your hair
  38. Go for a walk at 5 am
  39. Run around in the rain
  40. Make love (to somebody or to yourself)
  41. Really get to know a stranger
  42. Experience nature
  43. Drink a cup of really strong coffee
  44. Take a Yoga class
  45. Get up in the middle of the night to watch the stars
  46. Pay 100% attention to a friend that you are talking to
  47. Find a place of total silence and listen
  48. Cry when you feel like it
  49. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can do to make you feel alive! Do whatever you think makes you feel alive!
  50. If none of these are an option there is always the possibility of drinking plenty of alcohol and taking drugs.

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