7 signs you are prostituting yourself and what to do about it

The first picture that comes to mind when we think about prostitution are half naked women standing on the sidewalk, selling their bodies for money, being suppressed by their pimp, having no free will, and doing what they are told.

It’s not a new idea to use the word prostitution dissociated from the actual profession.

The term prostitute comes from the latin word prostituta, which literally means “to put up front for sale”. No matter if it’s sex or anything else.

The Oxford dictionary describes prostitution with

  1. The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment: the sale of captives into slavery and prostitution.
  2. The unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for personal or financial gain.

But how much of a prostitute is in each one of us? There are so many things we do on an every day basis that we only do for money, or for some other currency like being liked, getting attention, getting praise, … the list goes on.

Imagine a day in the office, you are an IT clerk. Your boss tells you to pick up his laundry. It’s not part of your job description, but you need the job, so you do what you are told.

Is that prostitution?

Of course, you can argue, that you need the money so you do what you are paid to do. But how much of a free will do you have at that point? When does your free will end and when does prostitution start?

7 signs you prostitute yourself

1. You lose track of your true dreams and desires.

When we prostitute ourselves we forget what it is we really want in life. We do whatever we are told to do without consideration for the real value in our life.

For example: Imagine your dream is to become a teacher. Currently you are working as an IT-consultant. Hours are long. You are working 12-14 hours a day. You are so caught up in your job that you don’t even have time to think about becoming a teacher. You think it’s necessary, because you want the money.

But is it really bringing you any closer to fulfil your dreams?

Obviously not.

What to do about it
Only do things that bring you closer to what you want. It sounds ridiculously simple, which doesn’t mean that it’s easy.Make a list of the things you do all day and write down next to it the amount of time you spend doing them. Now evaluate if it brings you any closer to what you want or not. How much percent of the time do you spend with things you don’t want to do? You should spend about 80% of your time each day with the things that get you where you want to go.

2. You keep complaining

Usually it’s easier to complain than it is to actually do something about it. But you waste sooooooooo much time. Think about it. First of all you do whatever it is you don’t want to do. Second of all, you spend all that time complaining, getting in a bad mood, being frustrated about it.

I am sure all of you have a friend that has been complaining about his or her relationship for years. But that person might be in need of the love, giving up so much, because of getting the love, prostituting herself because of it.

If you complain, but don’t change anything about it, you prostitute yourself for whatever reason.

What to do about it
If you notice that you keep complaining about one specific subject over and over again, take your calendar. Each day you complain, mark it with a cross (X), each day you don’t complain, mark it with an O (O). Set yourself a time limit, e.g. 3 months. If, after 3 months you notice that you complained more than you enjoyed whatever you did, promise yourself to change it.

3. You are not aware of what’s happening.

If you prostitute yourself, you are not aware of what’s happening to you or in your life. If you were aware, you would notice, that you are on the wrong track and change it.

What to do about it
To become aware there are various methods. I am not getting into detail, because it would be a never ending story. Meditation, keeping a diary, practicing Yoga are just some options. Once you are aware, you can consciously choose to be ok with it.

4. You forget your values

Have you ever done something that is not in alignment with what you truly believe in. Like being a vegetarian, because you strongly believe in animal rights. One day you are out with some new people and all of them eat Hamburger’s. You think they are the cooles people you have ever met, so you eat Hamburger’s as well. If that, or a similar situation happened to you, you probably felt like shit afterwards.

Why? Because you were not in alignment with your values and principles?

What to do about it

First of all you need to figure out what your values are. There is a great exercise you can do.

5. You are not yourself.

This goes hand in hand with your values. We have many different faces. We are somebody else at work, at home, with our friends from soccer or with our friends from high school. But if you don’t feel comfortable in a role and you just do it for the sake of it, you probably pretend to be somebody you are not and you lose yourself.

What to do about it

Analyse if you feel good in all the roles you are fulfilling. If there are any you feel uncomfortable in, you might want to reconsider if it’s worths it.

6. Whatever you prostitute yourself for becomes more important than the planet.

This sounds corny. But the planet, and it’s environment are the most important assets of life. Think about it for a minute. How much do you enjoy being in nature, looking at the trees, breezing fresh air, swimming in the ocean on a sunny day, playing in the snow. This is only possible because there is nature left to be in. If we don’t respect it, because it’s more important to us to drive a bigger car, buy endlessly new cloths, or get every new technical gimmick on the market, we slowly, but certainly destroy the environment.

In the industrialised world, each one of us is currently using 5 times more Carbon-dioxide than we are allowed to. The climate change seems inevitable.Why do we let it happen? Because we prostitute ourselves for the market.

What to do about it
Be clear about it, of what’s actually important in your life and act accordingly. When you are about die, would you rather have purchased the newest SUV every time a new one came out, or have your grand-grand-kids being able to go swimming in the ocean?

7. You get sick and stay sick

Why do so many people get sick from stress? We stress ourselves to death, because… I don’t know why. I guess each one of us has their own explanation. But when you are sick and you don’t act upon it, you sell yourself to something that can’t be as important as your health. Anyone who is sick will tell you that your health is the most important asset you have. So if you work those extra long hours, even though you are desperate to sleep, you prostitute yourself.

What to do about it
Listen to your body and make it your absolutely top priority. Our whole life is based on where we set our priorities. Is it more important to you to party all night, or be fresh for work in the morning? Do you rather sleep in on the weekend or have breakfast with some friends? You make those decisions on an everyday basis.

These decisions make your life to what it is.

Your health and your body are, what keeps you alive and vibrant, so make the decision today, that you always put your health first, no matter what.

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