6 ways to reconnect when you lose yourself

When you feel connected to yourself, you are aware of what’s going on inside of you and what you want. You can act accordingly and fulfil your needs.

Feeling connected to your surroundings, makes you take care of the planet and the people around you. You can act accordingly and help fulfil other’s needs.

If we all come from a point where we feel connected, the world would be a peaceful and happy place.

If you lose the connection to your surroundings, you lose the connection to yourself. And vice versa. If you lose the connection to yourself, you lose the connection to your surroundings.

In order to reconnect with yourself, you have to reconnect with your surroundings as well.

It is not separate. You can’t do one without the other.

So in order to reconnect there are seven useful strategies that are easy to integrate in your everyday life.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a key to help you reconnect. It raises your awareness for what’s happening inside of you, and around you.

Once you are aware you can consciously choose what you do.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, integrate a meditation practice into your daily routine. The easiest way to start is to focus on your breath and a mantra. When you breathe in think of the word “be” when you breathe out think of the word “love”. Keep your focus on your breath and those two words. Whenever something else comes to your mind, just notice it, let it go and refocus.

2. Take a long walk

Apart from the health benefits of walking, it is ideal to have some time to think and to appreciate your surroundings. Focus on all the beauty around you. Don’t get annoyed by the weather, car drivers, or whatever unpleasant comes your way. You can practice appreciation for yourself and your environment.

It is best to set a time that you will take for the walk in advance, so you don’t get distracted meanwhile.

3. Make a trip to the next nature center

In today’s life we are inside most of the time and we are more familiar with our computer than we are with the local trees.

When you are out in nature you are the closest you can get to your natural being. We are part of nature and for the most part of human history we lived very closely to it.

Being in nature is probably the easiest way to reconnect not only with your environment, but also with yourself. Breath in the fresh air, feel it on your skin. Listen to the sounds. Be.

4. Make compliments

If you want to connect to the people around you, you have to appreciate them. The easiest way to do that is to focus on the positive. Whenever you talk to somebody, listen closely and pay attention to the good in the other person.

Make it a challenge to make every person you talk to a compliment. In order to do that there is no other way but to focus on the positive.

5. Exercise

Any form of exercise brings you back into your body. You feel what is good or bad for you.

The connection to your body while and after you exercise is priceless. If you don’t have the patience to meditate exercise is a great alternative.

6. Eat fresh food

Food is energy.

Fresh food has all the energy it needs to grow, to reproduce and to life. When you eat fresh food you’ll take that energy into your body. You feel energetic, relaxed, and satisfied.

Highly processed food lost all it’s energy it naturally had. It was dehydrated, heated and modified. There is nothing natural in highly processed food. When you eat it you’ll miss out on the energy. You feel lethargic, numb, and tired.

To reconnect with yourself you need to feel your body, but you can only feel it, if you don’t numb yourself. So try to eat as much fresh food as possible.

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