The illusion of your future

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? And once you have it you’ll live happily ever after, right?

Well, I have to disappoint you. Even if you get the promotion and become chief-world-director, even if you lose 1Mio. pounds and even if you manage to make an alien your best friend, you’ll still want something different.

What purpose is there to get anywhere if, once you get there, all you think about is getting to some other future moment?

When your future arrives, it will arrive as the present moment. If you’re not here, you’ll miss it.

Life exists in the present, or nowhere at all, and if you cannot grasp that you are living a fantasy.

Here are five facts about your fantasy:

  1. Your future will be as bland as your now. Or, in return, it can be as awesome as your now.
  2. No one needs you in the future. People need you now. And they need you to be present.
  3. You’ll miss live. Time passes faster when you don’t enjoy the present.
  4. The only way to follow your purpose is to follow it now.
  5. Mountains can move. But you have to move the first rock now.

So how can you escape your fantasy?


That was predictable, wasn’t it?

The solution is to be in the now.

Notice what thoughts come up once you read the word NOW.

Notice how your body feels.

Notice your breath. Is it slow and deep? Or fast and shallow?

Notice what sounds surround you.

Notice what you see.

Don’t judge. Just notice.

Once you do that you become aware of the present. You are in the present.

That’s it.

This isn’t always easy. I am constantly going back and forth myself.

Once you notice you slip, you return to noticing. It’s that simple.

In the beginning an easy trick is to put a sticker on something you look at often, like your cell phone, whenever you see the sticker be reminded of now.

When you can tap into your now, your life will change.

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